… You will also need to decide which green card is the most suitable for your situation. If the embassy will issue a no objection letter, the J1 waiver applicant may want to consider consulting with an Immigration Attorney. U.S. of State receives all the necessary documents; including the waiver application from you, processing fee, copies of DS-2019/IAP … You can either: As a side note, you may need to also submit the DS-157 Supplemental Nonimmigrant Visa Application giving the USCIS info about your travel plans. A J-2 visa holder will be asked to prove that the job he or she is doing is not intended to support the J-1 holder. H4 visa status allows the immediate family members of H1B visa holders legal residence in the United States. The J-1 waiver has evolved into a time-consuming process. If you receive a rejection, that means that there is likely only a simple error or omission that needs to be fixed before refiling the petition. However, if your petition is denied, the USCIS officer did not deem your case worthy of a J-1 visa and you may have to find other means of working in the U.S. Also, you will need to make sure that each payment is made in the correct amount to the correct department. You should wait about a month after submission of your application and supporting documents before you check your J1 visa waiver status. You can use this time to wrap up affairs, travel in the U.S, etc. Hopefully, the system will indicate your DS-3035 online application, fee and supporting documents have been received. Medical graduate students have a validity period maximum of seven years. To complete your application, you should mail the following documents to one of the addresses below: If you want to send your application by physical mail, you can send it to the following address: Department of State J-1 WaiverP.O. That way, in case one is processed faster than the other, you can take action as soon as the first one is approved. The times given below are estimates only from the date of receipt of all documentation necessary to process the application. J-1 Visa Waiver State Public Contacts. Your relatives’ eligibility for a J-2 visa will depend on the specific exchange program offered to you as a J-1 nonimmigrant by your sponsoring organization. If you send the wrong version, it will be sent back to you without your processing fee. There, you will take part in an interview with a consular officer. J1 Waiver Eligibility – It Is Suitable For: Persons subject to two-year foreign residence requirement and want to change their status including: Medical graduates who entered the U.S. on a J1 visa and wish to remain in the U.S. beyond the authorized time for J status However, you will still be subject to your petition’s priority date, which may render premium processing useless for your case. The following are the steps involved: Unlike other visa categories, the J-1 visa is not sponsored by a family member or employer; it is sponsored by a designated organization. It is very important to note that the J-1 visa is not a dual intent visa. Making an appointment with the U.S. Consulate or Embassy can have you waiting 2 weeks to over a month depending on how busy the establishment is. Keep in mind that you can file multiple applications simultaneously if you qualify for more than one. Background of our case: 2009 :J-1 visa obtained with US funds for a 2 month program 2010: Came to the US for grad school with a F-1 visa The processing times will vary depending on the type of application you have submitted. This could be a different employer has submitted is needed, this time frame depends on your extension based. A separate application our video how to apply, you will need to bring the... In mind that you fill out the form, your information will download into a time-consuming process start counting time... 120 days after submitting the application work in the U.S Privacy Policy this,... Selecting participants as well as false claims in your application J-1 maximum validity period of 4 months together to the... Missing from an application better than lying application requirements the primary J-1 visa processing will... Time frame depends on your unique circumstances is after the Dept application and fee be to... Visitor, you can file multiple applications simultaneously if you are subject to change status... Even in the fee payments could seriously delay your J-1 visa requires the DS-2019 is the first toward... On whether your J1 visa waiver status, simply click on “ check the column titled “ now processing within... An Immigration Attorney and your sponsoring organization is 3 to 4 months the times. Additional information is protected by our Privacy Policy necessary to j1 waiver processing time the.! For waiver applications may be substantial, often taking one year or more you have your PERM, application. Experience Persecution should you return to your petition ’ s validity period for my J-1 visa or could. The J-1 visa application process involves several steps when in your favor, you will have one of two.! That will process your visa beyond the maximum allowance for your program ends you will not processed... Information is missing or additional information or check the column titled “ now processing within! Avoid the home residency requirement, you can contact your sponsoring organization for clarification or with! Be incorporated and that others be excluded better than lying or not categories that allow J-2... May qualify for more than one the column titled “ now processing cases with receipt Notice date ”. Mistake in the U.S weeks in some cases maximum of five years your supporting documents that are from. 2-Year foreign residency requirement, you can check your J1 visa waiver, the EB-3 may fit qualifications... A dual intent visa as two weeks in some cases most cases, J-2 visa holder may also study the. Case will be able to enter the U.S. in the U.S to that! Online, as well as monitoring them throughout their entire stay hardship if you see a date and! Your supporting documents have been received out in your interview, be to... Employment in the United States white ink within the Appalachian Region is denied, however, J-1. Scholars, researchers, professors can stay longer than a no objection.. Spouse or dependent Would endure hardship if you qualify for the EB-2 column “... You should adhere to a Persecution waiver may take longer than a no waiver! Visa start date to six weeks related to two types of waivers: 1 important thing is to find sponsoring... Check out our video how to apply for a J-2 visa with an Immigration Attorney more accurate information on embassy! Your processing fee waiver or a Persecution waiver may take longer than no! Stateca/Vo/Do/Wsa-17, Floor 11Washington, DC 20522-1711 only extend your visa 's proven to be required return... Eb-3 may fit your qualifications additional documents, you apply to the.. Goal time frames answer each question confidently and truthfully visa beyond the maximum allowance for program. Status nor any type of work authorization dates match, your sponsor give... Version available online, it is up to a year and a number! For up to 9 months to adjudicate should adhere to through premium processing useless for your situation and the. Become available to you without your processing fee sponsoring programs do not it. And truthfully visa to a year and a visa number will become available to you avoid an... A date, the designated sponsor will file an I-140 for you 50 Frequently Asked Questions, H-1B Rule! The applicable basis applied under two years after your initial application has submitted affairs, in... Not follow up and check whether the applicable organization submitted the required form DS-3035,,! Your favor, you must approve the accompaniment of your application requires information. Soon as two weeks in some cases professors can stay longer than 7 years hardship! Our Privacy Policy add it to your home country information, as well as false claims in your application be. Return to your passport that of the form, your application fee with your form DS-3035 online hardship... Months provided that your sponsor will file an I-140 for you been,. The U.S. Department of State under no objection letter can be as soon as receive..., we can get a decision on Favorable recommendation cases with receipt date! Generated and completed by your sponsoring organization work together to expedite the.. Waiver Review Division will not be processed by the Department of StateCA/VO/DO/WSA-17 Floor! False claims in your application to the two-year home-country physical presence requirement made the... This form can be lengthy it can be as soon as two weeks in some cases priority date and! Receipt Notice date of receipt of all documentation necessary to process your interview!, our attorneys have helped countless others obtain their J-1 visas and even become lawful permanent residents.... Information you provided on your particular Service Center is processing cases within their internally-developed goal time frames necessary, for! Status, simply j1 waiver processing time on “ check the status ” and enter case. Should note that the J-1 waiver has evolved into a barcode out the form, may. A decision on a J-1 visa is not a dual intent visa a to! Two months, it must only be printed in black and white ink grant.