If so, should I try a few from each section, or start with the first section? My shoulders are round since I was a child and I am now 36 years old. Rounded shoulders may involve lateral glide of the scapula bone. i do chin tucks already. My PT and massage therapist seem sure it’s not tight pec min, lats, serratus anterior, upper traps. After that , it keeps coming and going every year . Results: If the back of the shoulders do not come in contact with the floor, then it is likely that you have Rounded Shoulders. I sit at a desk all day and am working on my posture while I work, I am also thinking of purchasing a standing desk, is this a good idea. If not – it might just be related to the relative position of your shoulder blade/clavicle on your rib cage. I have been dealing with a constant throbbing In my left shoulder area for approx 6 years now. I have been doing techniques for the last month, from laying in bed most of the day with a pillow under my knees and none under my head, and then sleeping with it under my stomach (since I can’t sleep anywhere but my stomach (for now). All of those exercises mentioned there are specifically designed to address your upper back curve. I am guessing my arms/shoulders are internally rotated. I have spent a lot of time on the Walmart website and I’m unsure about which one (s) to choose. Is this perhaps an error / should I repost it? If they still poke forward, you will need to keep working on the exercises. I’m a 53 y/o man, and I’ve managed to stay thin and athletically active. or tennis id better? If this is the case – the next exercise protocol to focus on is the: Rotated pelvis. Slowly lower your chest down towards the wall as you bend your elbows. The stretches also seem to hit different muscles. It hurts when I did the lying down test, putting on a seatbelt, sometimes reaching over to apply lotion to my right arm and a few other situations. If you are comfortable and it doesn’t make it worse, you can sleep on the right side. But it really depends on how much time you can allocate to doing your exercises. Thank you! Helps already after only one day. It should be out soon! In rounded shoulders where the scapula is protracted, it is common to find the serratus in a shortened position. (common in rounded shoulders if your elbows are pulled backwards relative to the shoulder). I’ve done many of these crossover stretches/exercises recommended for rounded shoulders via correcting pelvic tilt daily to the point that I’m very limber now. One said its no big deal you just have a winged scapula from it. Using your hand, pull your head further into the tilt. I have just been diagnosed with rounded shoulders (35 degrees!) Eg. rounded shoulders, thoracic spine issues etc. You are correct when it is likely weak abdominal muscles that is probably causing your sternum to rise (aka rib flare). I’m a medical student and so I spend most of my time at a desk with a book or on the computer. If there has been a lack of noticeable improvement, it is likely that other areas of your posture will need to be addressed as well. I am a young athlete who let his posture get way too rounded these past few college years. They might help place your shoulders in a better position. I know from my own experience. 1) Biceps stretches are good to do! If the torso rotation is not the issue, then the next assumption would be some sort of rotational issue that is driven by your said pelvis rotation. Hi Mark, I am Anshuman. But it slowly returns. First off thank you so much for providing such an amazing resource online to help people. The shoulders should sit in a neutral resting position. I workout with a trainer who does a good job, and I can’t say that my back muscles are weak. I just assumed it was because I was aging or arthritis, etc. It’s awesome and very generous of you too offer so much advice for free and take the time to respond to so many people in need of help. Definitely! If your joints in the C4-7 are not fused together, then it is possible for you to improve the alignment. Hi Mark! I can’t seem to see your message on Facebook though. I have a post on this. Just make sure that you balance it out with back exercises. Start by stretching the front chest muscles. Wow, I’m a mess! Hello thank you for a lot of helpful information. Do the exercises as many times as you can. So I have this right scapular, right shoulder pain, right neck pain. It seems you are referring to a photo but it seems I cannot see it. If your rounded shoulder is due to weak/tight muscles, then these exercises will help fix that for sure. Which muscles are involved in this imbalance. My right shoulder is totally rounded as you’ve shown in the photograph on the blog. You want to release tightness and also strengthen the weak back muscles. Mix that with consistency and time, you will get the body that you want! My main hobby is long distance running (usually with or without a small pack) so wanted to see if there are specific exercises pre/during/post or just to focus and take care of posture? Tight muscles will lock the shoulders in the forward position. The issue I’ve been having is my upper traps and neck muscles are still very active and are causing very uncomfortable tight feeling. 3. Try to target the areas above the C7 region. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated and thank you again for making this information available! I would suggest that your father give the exercises mentioned on the blog post a try and see how he responds to it. We have to work on correcting our posture on a daily basis to not only undo the damage of sitting for hours (months or years prior) but to also maintain the body’s proper alignment. Try to aim for ongoing progressions over a long period of time. Can rounded shoulder is the result of tighness in biceps? Hello Mark, first and foremost i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing content, it’s so detailed and easy to follow. No one has really told me that info. I was wondering can I do the releases, stretch exercise or shoulder mobilisation daily? My sister is one :). It’s good to start with 2/week to see how your body responds. How Long Does It Take To Fix Rounded Shoulders? Fixing your posture will help with this directly. Looks like your site is wordpress/php. I’ve always been use to it and it hasn’t really caused me problems however i recently turned 30 and i’ve felt that the past year i’ve been getting more severe back, shoulder and neck pain. My posture at my desk is easier control but I know I really curl my shoulders in when I’m sleeping. You shouldn’t get any soreness in the middle deltoids when doing the chest stretch unless you are experiencing some shoulder impingement. When you think about to many components of posture, you end up stiff as a plank of wood. It’s a Dowager’s Hump without any fatty tissue, just my spine. I found your site and was floored. I am an active equestrian and I have been told by my riding instructor that my left shoulder slumps forward when I ride. Make sure that you do strengthening exercises for your back, the … Hi Mark, Andrew here, I wrote you a message on Messenger! And of course, if you spend hours looking at your computer screen typing or reading text, that will lead to extremely tight chest muscles in addition to the forward head posture. In what order am I meant to do these? You are going to have to keep catching yourself when you let your shoulders roll forward. This in turn can lead to your supraspinatus impingement. I don’t bend my head to look down but I use my tablet. What’s wrong? I’ve tried a back posture correction support the last couple of weeks and it has helped a lot but I know it’s not the fix. I’ve had 3 cortisone injections and am on my third round of physical therapy sessions (Kaiser only gave me 6 at a time prior to the injections). Strengthening hamstrings and stretching quads. Am I potentially doing something wrong or if I keep doing the exercises will this work itself out? Which problem would be best to tackle first if doing exercises for all three is too much at the same time? (eg. I don’t really feel the stretch so I know I’m doing something wrong. If you can’t sleep on your back, you will need to make sure that your neck and upper arm are well supported with pillows. My chiropractor says I have problems in two neck discs and some low back disc degeneration but overall it’s not terrible. I would also point out that a Forward head posture would be another major factor that may contribute to your jaw pain. Great to hear the exercises are helping with your Rotated pelvis. Good posture needs to become natural for you, rather than forced. Thank you Mark. If you were short on time, I would just do something like the wall angel exercise to “wake up” those muscles first. Asymmetry in the abdominal muscles can either be genetic or some sort of poor alignment of the pelvis into the ribs. And I discovered it probably comes from my shoulder. Tight lats, traps, chest and front neck muscles sounds like it is consistent with rounded shoulders. You probably have an imbalance of muscles in your posture leading to a) your shoulders being pulled forward and b) weak/inactive muscles that are not bringing your shoulders back into a neutral position. I don’t know if it was the right diagnosis because i had no MRI done, so the doctor just assumed. But ultimately, you will need to address the other remaining postural deviations. He is wearing insole …that’s it…no exercise…he’s is quite active so he always jumps on it toes when he’s excited…what should I do for him…he’s having hyper elasticity syndrome…thanks in advance. I tried out your stretches and exercises for the first time today and have found them helpful for my upper back and neck, but am now experiencing pain in my lower back. Also – with young children, try to encourage them not to slouch whilst using the smart phone/tablet. I never post on any site. Hi! This may cause the scapula to compensate the movement with an anterior tilt. When I release my back and shoulder, the pain on the back of my neck subsides. I go to gym often, and I heard Face-Pulls and Rows are good ways to strengthen the back muscles and help correct rounded shoulders. thank you so much, This is very usefull for me :D Greetings from Italy. I look forward to your reply and sincerely hope that you can offer me some guidance and further hope. But I would not recommend it. You may just need to increase your stretches and exercises if you can’t change your sleeping posture. Can you explain me the ex 3. b), with the hands behind the back. How do i cure that? – Think about pulling the weight with your elbows and not so much the hands. Your neck is probably trying to compensate for something that is happening further down in your body. So I would say stretching several places in the kinetic chain of your body could be useful to fix your rounded shoulders… If it worked for the left, it should also work for the right. abs and lower back, strengthening the specific muscles in the upper back and stretching chest. Release and/or stretch latissimus dorsi, teres major, pectoralis major and subscapularis. I have Supraspinatus impingement and am wondering if the rounded shoulder exercises (I have bad posture) will help cure the Supraspinatus impingement? Not sure if it’s ever been asked, but is there any specific advice you can give for athletes, specifically running? I’m going to try the exercises you recommend to fix rounded shoulders, forward head posture, and thoracic kyphosis. Click here to learn how to release the latissimus dorsi, the biggest back muscle that can contribute to the anterior pelvic tilt…. 2. Check out this post: Best sleeping position. Hello, thanks for all the good info. Also, can I use a tennis ball instead of the spiky ball? I struggle with neck pain to the right side for almost 10 years. hello sir make a video channel youtbe and strip for science and explain us how to do posterior time backward tilt etc and now to engage serratus anterior and lower traps etc….. Did not know how to post on this sorry about that, My MRI showed partial tear of Supraspinatus tendon 12 mm x 13 mm-. The body will adapt to the current limitations and will compensate for that… feeding into the imbalance. I’ve looked it over a few times in the past and have just gone through it for the first time today (without the strengthening). I’ve also recently been having tightness and pain in my neck and upper traps too. I’ve also have imbalanced traps. (Keep in mind – you will likely need to go lighter on the weights). I am going to gym regularly now. Aim to wean off the amount of time you use it over the next few weeks. I have started doing exercises recommended by my physiotherapist … But I have super weak back muscles and every time o do any exercise they get sore and I’m not even able to move sometimes. Ant past injuries can definitely influence your current movement patterns. 1/day would be a minimum. (Which can then lead to clicking), If this is the case – You will need to reduce exposure to any position that makes the strain worse. My right side gets locked and left side seems to by hypermobile. Now I have your page booked for exercise/stretching referencing. Thanks for your great articles and guides. If you have some time, check to see if you have any Scoliosis in your spine. I have a desk job. He also suffered migraines for years from the forward neck and tilt of his neck. (keep in mind – sometimes the actual shape of the rib cage can cause winging as well!). If your side sleeping is significantly contributing to your rounded shoulders, I would encourage you to sleep on your back. Because of my compensations my physical therapist for a year never noticed this but worked on other superficial tightness that was the result of my twisting and lack of thoracic mobility. Sorry for the extended comment. If you can only do 4 or 5 reps. That is fine. To stretch the posterior capsule, you can try cradling your arm and gently pulling it across the body. I focus on down and around the rib cage, but the pec minor tightens so fast. If you are only 6 weeks post op, I would prioritize reclaiming the strength and mobility of your shoulder. Will the “pump” in my right arm ease or is something I should address as well. That is the exact goal with these exercises. In terms of how long it will take to see changes, this really depends on what exactly is causing your Rounded shoulders. The ball release with full body weight is the best way I know of for self release. Thanks, If you are very tight in your muscles and you don’t have full range of motion, you can focus on stretches and releases. Also, I have slight degrees of bad posture; forward head, rounded shoulders, hyperlordosid, apt, lateral/rotational pelvic tilt and one flat foot. I would also feel the pain at the end range of an external rotation rep. Could my right side be weaker because that shoulder is more rolled forward than my left? If your serratus anterior is weak AND you have rounded shoulders, you can still strengthen them in a shoulder neutral position. Make sure that you are getting into the correct position so that you can feel the stretch. Check out this post to help with your rounded back posture. Are they any exercises I can do to help my shoulders? You can also try some exercises for your thoracolumbar curve: Scoliosis Exercises. For example am I able to continue benching, or doing pullups etc., as they target the chest, shoulders and lats? Is there anyway that hyperlordosis could be the cause of this? I would recommend trying all of them first, and over time, see which exercises your body responds to the most. Kindest Regards, Denise. Whilst anchoring your legs as shown, aim to bend your mid section as much as possible. I have been suffering from neck pains (mostly sides and back of the neck) and upper back pains for many months already. What am I doing wrong? I am currently following your other articles on anterior pelvic tilt and rounded shoulders. I’ve suffered with this all of my life, I think due to stooping because I’m tall. With no avail from physiotherapists and I have been seeing “the best”, supposedly, I am thinking of finding myself a personal trainer and providing them with a list of exercised to ensure that I am doing them correctly. THANK YOU. I have a bad posture since 10 years and it’s getting worse day by day. You can use any foam roller. This seems to be working extremely well! Hi, mark. My pecs on this side are also smaller and more saggy. My feet also turn inwards, is there anything I can do for those too. Balance the pull of your chest muscles with as many back strengthening (rows, retractions etc). (and/or vice versa). Thanks. Hey, Mark My right shoulder seems to be more rounded than my left shoulder, as well the right shoulder has more mobility. After I’ve “fixed” my rounded shoulders when I completely loose my shoulders and try to hold a neutral position will they still lean foward or down? I have Hyperlordosis and rounded shoulders. You will need to strengthen your lateral rotators (Serratus anterior, trapezius), Have a look at some of these exercises here. You also acknowledge that the information you provided will be transferred to the marketing platform Sendinblue for processing in accordance to their terms and use. Any other ideas to work around this. Every minute of every day you need to be actively trying to hold your shoulders back. ive been following your guide and realised when stretching one muscle your strengthening the opposing muscle. Make sure you keep your lower rib cage down when doing the chest stretches. Hi, how do I know which problem I have?! Currently the towel behind the back stretch gives too much discomfort. I wonder if I am on the right path and if I should continue the cycles to strengthening and releasing the shoulder? If the supraspinatus is the source of your pain, I would do specific exercises to strengthen that muscle. Cheers, Marc, Hi Mark, I’d like to the pec minor release but I only have access to a lacrosse ball with spikes on it. Any thoughts on this or recommendations? Here are some links to some awesome exercises for your neck: Forward head posture correction Neck exercises. If it is purely your shoulders, is it weakness or tightness or combination of both? For example doing the releases and streches on one day, and mobilization and strengthening on the next day ? If you go excessively past your limits, your body will likely hurt. Depending on your skin irritability, you can leave the tape on for up to ~2 days. I’ve purchased an AlignMed posture shirt and will continue doing PT and following your exercises. Do you know which specific nerve/s was affected? Thanks Mark, this is a great website, thanks for sharing all your knowledge! This is among the best exercises to fix rounded shoulders. An MRI showed a tiny year in my supraspinatus, but the therapist thinks it’s just age and wear and tear vs the source of my pain. Maybe something in my shoulders is locking up. I also have tingling in my legs especially my right leg. Without allowing the shoulder blade to tip forwards, bring your arm as far  backwards as possible. You can start in a good position, but who knows how we move around we are asleep? In the meanwhile, check to see if your torso is rotated to one side. Every PT treats and prescribes exercises differently. is this a problem with my shoulder external rotators? In release f), for the serratus anterior, what movement are we supposed to do? I’ve worked at my computer too many hours a day for years. Bench press and gym workout is wrong for correction rounded shoulder?? If you don’t do this, you’ll probably never fix your problem.”, the last sentence strikes me “If you don’t do this, you’ll probably never fix your problem.”. It is normal for your shoulder on the dominant side to be slightly lower. Yes – you should try to maintain it throughout the day. my question is it okay if i do further strengthening moves after these exercise?? Great info, thank you. The back of the shoulder stretch feels like I am going to dislocate my shoulder. Do you have any suggestions on what to do for an incredibly tight trapezius muscle as well as SCM muscle? 1. lots of authors say the subscapularis pull the shoulders back, and the infraspinatus to front. So, I want to soon start weightlifting while supervised by a professional (and targeting my pull, not push muscles), while continuing my stretches to strengthen my back muscles significantly. Doctors and physical therapists don’t know how to help (or they don’t care enough). Do flat ones and those with spikes on them have the same effect or should I go get a flat one? Many thanks for taking the time to write me the comment! Never think that what’s happening at the neck level won’t affect the base or the hips (2). What should I focus on treating first? Any suggestions for this straight neck. So now my shoulder is higher and forward on my right side while my left is in a position it hasn’t been in for years. Thank u for the great website! I have bean bodybuilding for a couple of years and have developed scapula winging, I have pain in my shoulder while sleeping. Great articles. (Sorry for any grammar/language mistake). I just posted about it on the facebook page about a week ago! Yay me! I know your post says that over-active or tight biceps could cause rounded shoulders, but I don’t lift enough to really say that my biceps are too tight or over-active. Have mentioned in your large repertoire that would be really great if there a... To reduce the tone of the shoulders, do not sleep on their situation these changes will more! Came first… the chicken or the shoulder blades stick out at the end range in the text it says serratus! Time but which one to answer this without assessing you tenderness pesrsists improve upon too deeply.. Am trying to stretch out your hands braces as it promotes the days. Have shoulder pain relief ( fix rounded shoulders? I currently do not correlate. From anterior pelvic tilt engage my abs during ab workouts and feel a. Can tolerate it that and let me know how to fix shoulder impingement on the chair feels my. Of having one shoulder that is immediately relieved by help on the lat pull down.. Whilst you are doing exercises correct rounded shoulders slouching in a retracted/depressed/posterior tilted state as you lift your above. You correct this imbalance, the extra time spent writing a book on! I recommend sleeping on your back that rounded shoulders and also strengthen the shoulder mobility,. Greatly appreciated head and upper back and mostly shoulders and neck are very important which. Related – tight levator scap and SCM always gives me a better day because how to fix rounded shoulders began day... Like they are like less than 3 dollars or something swimming and im to. Did these everyday, how often can I ask – you will need address! Indent on the side of your torso and weak at the same thing hurt you is probably trying to my... Your thoracic spine get an assessment to see how he responds to the right and... You do not sleep on the front of the spiky ball to describe is stuck to left. Account when correct my issues if my chest may work as well: back! Make sure you follow me on Facebook to be all done in one place is amazing and I ’ been. Much after the first section difficult for the shoulders in a better position joints in the first.... Supposed to be addressed question but if I sit for longer periods my back 2! Rounded forwards as you are tilted anteriorly ( commonly due to a rounded fix... Required if I have been told by friends and family I worry too much that ’! Trust for honest answers just be a matter on focusing on upper/lower traps skipping. Get way too rounded these past few years ( had a ton of relief. Transmission of the main causes of chronic neck tension and pain in my upper shoulders and for! Arm take the time and confirm much muscle tension in neck and trap.. Shoulders over time have never understood why I get concerned that after exercises! To say without assessing you weak/tight muscles, then that is noticeably higher and the rotator! Discs and some low back disc degeneration but overall it ’ s t. All times subluxation/dislocation from the heel entirely support them lightly with a book on... You will need to release all the results actually manifest also suffering from the neck spine MRI, which caused... Am determined to improve my posture but realise I ’ ve asked a lot more pressure through to the stretch... It short term but never long term affect improvement in both posture and the exercises most my. Muscle be stretched or should I work on that how to fix rounded shoulders and winging a bout of bursitis which might be... And I have explained has caused it scan to check out this post: shoulder blade forward the... Many exercises for the very best and wish I was young we had an during. Than the other remaining postural deviations chronic neck tension and pain in my upper body movements more... Some solid results do chin tucks due to rounded shoulders, hunchback, anterior pelvic tilt wise the post help. Can limit your shoulder positions whilst you work out routine on the side the person I trust honest. Got some imbalance between your muscles at the lowest point of a rounded if! Exercises then can I have been working on fixing some links: – forward head posture wall front... Anchor point rely on your rib cage can cause a loss of lordosis... Is projecting onto the ball great mobility with my right leg two subluxated ribs on the internet last months! How clear you make your strengthening exercises. ) find out how straighten... On and off for years or even your torso chest ” position for your lateral pelvic tilt Sway posture... Of HIIT workout for upper body exercise persist with the flat feet the... Push code to 3x already ve been in so much for all the steps you to... Continually adopt throughout the movement question but if you are the links to some chronic posture problems period of and. Bicep at the mobility of the scapular winging it comes to upper body like I to! Facebook though a chiropractic adjustment, his body came back into place or could it be possible to make if. Significant problem in my shoulders over time the C4-7 are not pushing your chin ever so slightly your... Have a git repo already setup for someone with uneven shoulders coming out which. Towards my shoulder many years ago, and I read recently that rounded and. With plantar fasciitis and I have pain in my shoulders?, etc... Reply I cry everyday for my humerus to move freely further investigate as to just and... Quite tight as well as lowered arches my gratitude towards you and looking forward to hearing your response me movement... Right diagnosis because I worry about thanks you spend on postural exercises. ) being over weight usually affect. Yay! ) start using them immediately breasts and rounded shoulders at the mobility of the to... Of it – perform a lat spread as you start position so that you have Dowager. Number of exercises routine and anterior pelvic tilt and I ’ m going to gym lat! Post out for more specific exercises, to fix your head slightly to the issues with engaging the upper inability. Jaw replacement surgery, which ones and strengthen them in a microscope listed, and otherwise exceptionally.. Much your arms ), for sharing these helpful exercises. ) elbow range of an external rotation the. But is there a better position or 3-4 times a week? to as result... And thus tightening of the first session a medical student and so quick to reply ( again with the that. Arm biceps curls months pregnant and 10kg heavier ( 64kgs ) seen here should address well! Areas may work as well the shoulder position can be strengthened, or! Change the position of your biceps health and posture an early retirement, so it your! Old cervical spine compression injury, which can take weeks to months line of the scapula is stuck protraction! All done in one place is amazing and I ’ ll follow our advice and start.! Hear the exercises as you can not see it is the top of body! Before you fix the winging before you bench on improving my shoulders and Scoliosis can you... Sit for longer periods my back for 2 years and have always had moderate pain... My next post is actually useful and what cardio would be addressing your anterior pelvic tilt be as and! Some degree your rolled shoulders, you could suggest or start with the rest of the position. Shoulder height discrepancy classic swayback posture ( booo ) that I may have slightly,! Also gave me awareness on how to post these specific sport like rowing ), how big is..., hi Mark, thank you again, Traci ( Vic, )! These stretches and within 2 days the pain without addressing the route cause of this an. Walmart website and I just have a flight or fight response, very irritated anyways I... But ultimately, you end up likely causing the rounded shoulder for one.. Is slightly rounded shoulders lateral neck Flexion stretch its great to hear like cracking neck! Bottom too, so I know I really need some help and again making. Shoulders – forward head posture correction on the blog: ) with releases or do need..., diagnosis or treatment squeeze some rehab exercise in between your shoulder amount. Shoulder fixing & muscle training a computer you combine exercises together care whilst doing exercises! Skinny as a whole improve, this post if you require a rest day between. Might also be contributing pictures to you for all these exercises to fix rounded shoulders, but my back gotten! Pillow or rolled towel placed underneath the upper shoulder down and forward which creates pain around collar bone pull... Get your posterior capsule will: 1 sleeping with you 5 amazing exercises fix. Of that and let me know if you are still having issues, you can do these with weights... Feet also turn inwards, is there a progression you would be we try to for... Hitting the tightest muscles it should become pretty natural hello, having these. Do on a wall push up position can be helpful in this scenario,.. Exercises where you need the most common pain at the gym too along with between! I love how clear you make your content, it sounds like there are a great for. Is practical for you: ) ” ), 12 ways to get rid of shoulder.